The Mentor Network In-Home Therapist in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

In-Home Therapist Primary Location: NJ-NJMount Laurel-2000 Crawford Pl Function: Behavioral/Mental Health Professional New Jersey MENTOR


We are seeking a LicensedSocial Worker/ Counselor (Therapist) to provide individualizedtreatment to youth in out-of-home treatment settings, Southern NJ. As a Therapist youwill work with a multidisciplinary team to assess each child’s needs, increasethe child’s sense of well-being via the provision of psychotherapy. The goal isto aid children in self-regulation, improve progress across domains and assistthe whole family in improving their relationship toward the goal ofreunification. You will employ a range of techniques utilizing experientialrelationship building, dialogue, communication and assessment. Training andsupervision provided.

As a Therapist, you area critical part of our important mission; to improve the lives of the childrenand families we serve.

  • Areas/Counties covered: Camden, Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland
  • Flexible schedules available
  • Caseload in field (approx 5)


  • Conduct psycho-socialassessments to document history and identify preliminary issues for treatmentby interviewing the child and family (if applicable), and transcribing ordictating relevant information for client records.
  • Provide individual, family and/or group therapies using various treatment modalities.
  • Develop individualized treatment plans in coordination with interdisciplinary team to include but may not be limited to: The Department of Children and Families, District Family Safety/Community Based Care Provider, Juvenile Justice Counselor (if applicable), and child targeted case manager (if one is assigned)
  • Work with members of the interdisciplinary team to coordinate other treatment initiatives including school performance, permanency, and reunification planning. Develops and coordinates discharge plan based on treatment, indicating all relevant aftercare needs and plans.
  • Access to community resources that would be beneficial to client aftercare needs.
  • Attend regular treatment team staffing and level of care meetings.
  • Conduct educational groups for clients, families and foster parents.
  • Provide documentation of foster parent educational in-services to adhere to foster parent licensing standards, assuring that the skills needed for treatment plan in the home environment are learned.
  • Prepare and train the child’s biological or legal parents to resume care of their child when reunification is the goal (if applicable to the population being served).
  • Maintain current, legible and adequate medical record documentation in client’s chart. Assures that all required client documentation is in their chart, including any foster parent and/or outside agency documentation pertaining to the client.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings with client and caretaker in order to monitor the child’s progress and discuss treatment strategies and services. Attend regular staff meetings, clinical meeting and one-on-one sessions with direct supervisor to process current status of cases.
  • Perform other related duties and activities as required.
  • Clinical Supervision offered.