The Mentor Network Program Supervisor- Float in Abrams, Wisconsin

Program Supervisor- Float Primary Location: United States-WI-WIAbrams Function: Program Services Coordination/Case Management REM Wisconsin II Description

Looking to take your Caregiving experience to the next career step?

The Program Supervisor-Float role is a great way to gain supervisory experience while still being connected to those we serve.

Take your human services career to the next level! If you are a natural leader looking for a longer-term management track in Human Services, we want to hear from you for this Program Supervisor- Float opportunity in the Abrams/Stiles area.

Supervise a single program or unit within a program, typically supporting 4-8 individuals in residential settings or 10-15 individuals in periodic, vocational or day programs. Duties are split between providing direct support, professional or program activities and supervision.Within a designated service or program, the Program Supervisor ensures that all of the individuals we serve are supported with dignity and respect.

The Program Supervisor- Float is responsible to supervise Direct Support Professionals. In addition, the Program Supervisor oversees the day-to-day operation of the program including delivery of supports, implementation of person-centered plans, health care, advocacy, customer engagement, regulatory compliance and when applicable, oversight of the physical environment.

The Program Supervisor generally works 8 to 16 flexible hours per week in a supervisory capacity; and provides direct support for the remaining hours.Act as a “go to” person for that program, serving as a mentor to other employees, promoting teamwork, and identifying any training needs. It is generally expected to visit each shift and all employees one time per month, including where supervising periodic or hourly services.

Essential Job Functions:

DirectSupport: Work regularly scheduledshifts as a Direct Support Professional (DSP/Caregiver)

  • Records: Document as required; review individualrecords, billing and other program documentation routinely for accuracy andcompletion on a daily basis; maintain confidentiality of individual andemployee data; direct DSPs to assure accurate and complete records.
  • ProgramPlanning: Assist the Program Directorin development of individual program plans; train and monitor implementationof plans each day across all shifts.
  • TeamMeetings: Attend and assist withroutine progress meetings.
  • Compliance: Maintain licensing compliance for programservices and supports; implement Network compliance plan; manage individualrights implementation.
  • Managementof Individuals’ Assets : When assigned, ensure safety of individual’s fundsand property; monitor spending and reconcile individual’s financial accountsmonthly.
  • Incidents: Complete or assist DSPs in documentingincident reports; submit initial incident reports to the Program Director.
  • Billingand Utilization: Compile oraccumulate census or attendance information; review data and attest toaccuracy; submit accurate data to the Program Director or appropriate billingauthority.

Health Care:

  • GeneralHealth Care: Monitor health ofpersons being served; document; communicate with medical professionals asappropriate; implement preventive strategies to limit illness and seriousincidents; review and monitor documentation across all shifts.
  • Appointments : When applicable, schedule or assist inscheduling health care appointments; may accompany individuals to appointments;may assist with communication; document visits; oversee follow through oforders; communicate results as appropriate with families, guardians, casemanagers, day programs or others.
  • Medications : When applicable, accurately administer anddocument delivery of medications and treatments; review all other medicationdocumentation for accuracy and completeness, daily or weekly as required;review medication errors with employees; communicate medication changes andprovide training across all shifts; maintain appropriate security ofmedications and supplies.
  • MedicalSupplies and Equipment: Purchase and maintain medical supplies and equipment in consultation with Program Director; communicate with employees and may assist with training on properuse.
  • Dietaryplanning: With the exception of somein-home services, purchase or oversee purchasing of food and supplies inaccordance with planned menus and individual choice; direct andmonitor food service, consistent with individual plans. Stakeholder Relations:

  • Communications: Maintain productive and professionalrelations with individuals, families, case managers and other stakeholders.

  • CustomerService: Implement Network CustomerService Standards; train DSPs in delivery.


  • Supervision: In partnership with Program Director, supervise all DSPs in assigned program.
  • Recruitmentand Hiring: Assist with recruitment;interview and hire Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) with agreement of the ProgramDirector.
  • EmployeeScheduling: Populate and maintain schedule to ensure that all shifts are covered and overtime is minimized.
  • Training: Assist with onboarding and deliver Orientation and ongoing training needs regarding the individuals served, programplans, policies, procedures and physical environment.
  • Evaluation: Prepare and conduct annual evaluations forDirect Support Professionals, in consultation with the Program Director.
  • Disciplineand Termination: Coach employees as needed, correcting or directingemployee behavior where required; may remove employees in the event ofemergency; may recommend and participate in decisions regarding termination;consult with the Program Director on all matters of discipline.
  • Employee Safety: Responsible for employee safetyand workers’ compensation within the program; implement and monitor compliance with safety standards.
  • Management: May assist with or lead monthly programmeetings for DSPs; document monthly meeting agenda andattendance.

Financial Management:

  • Purchasing: When applicable, purchase food and householdsupplies; purchase office supplies and minor equipment; review and authorize company credit card statements and monthly invoices; direct employees asnecessary; monitor to confirm cost effective, accurate and applicablespending is in place.
  • Billingand utilization: Review census,attendance information or other required documentation to ensure accuratebilling; monitor utilization between authorization and provision of servicesand supports.
  • Staffing: Monitor staffing hours for budgetarycompliance.


  • Vehicles : When applicable, test drive vehicle(s) monthly;inspect vehicle lifts and seatbelts monthly; report safety concernsimmediately to supervisor or maintenance personnel; ensure vehicle is washedand cleaned; train staff in safe vehicle operation and safely transportingindividuals; ensure routine maintenance is performed.
  • LivingEnvironment: When applicable,schedule and monitor daily and seasonal housekeeping; monitor and implement strategies to assure neat, clean and safe environment; assist with ageappropriate and decor; oversee lawn and yard care.
  • Maintenanceand Repair: When applicable, make or arrange for minor repairs; schedule repairs by maintenancepersonnel as required; monitor environmental safety; monitor watertemperature, refrigerator and freezer temperature, and safety alarms andextinguishers on a monthly basis; replace furnace filters monthly.
  • Equipment: Monitor wheel chairs, lifts and other safetyequipment; see that repairs are made promptly and correctly in the event offaulty equipment